Consumers Deserve an Honest and Real Choice

... custa tv por assinatura nos Estados Unidos? Confira aqui valor DirectvThe choice between digital cable and satellite hinges on two things; what we want from our television provider and what we want for our Internet service. Many of us have simply unplugged our cable television from the home in an effort to both save money on the bill as well as from the sheer frustration that has accompanied the process of dealing with cable companies. For myself, I decided that I wanted my television service still which lead me to using as a resource in helping me making my final decision. As someone who has only Time Warner as an option for digital cable, with AT&T and Direct TV being the other choices, I could only go with the one which I felt would give me the most for my money. » Read more: Consumers Deserve an Honest and Real Choice

Home Business Network Marketing – How to Choose the Best Marketing Method For Your Business

One of the greatest challenges home business network marketing professionals face is knowing with certainty what the best way is to promote their business. This is because there are so many ways to do so. This often results in business owners choosing more than one method to implement simultaneously or alternatively they start with one strategy and before they have had sufficient success with it decide to move to the next. In most cases the above two scenarios lead to failed campaigns and disappointment.

When I first started in the home business network marketing industry, I believed I would eventually have to master diverse marketing strategies but this is not true. Some people do so very easily but I have met just as many if not more hugely successful entrepreneurs who use one method only. The secret lies in choosing one way to begin with and staying with this until one is successful. Once you get to this point then you can decide whether you need to consider others. But which one to begin with? Let me show you exactly how to choose a method that is best for you and your business.

The truth of the matter is no one way fits all. Remember it does not matter what anybody else is doing or how successful they are being. Your business is about you and what is best for you. So what kind of person are you?

Naturally you are dashingly good looking or dazzlingly beautiful, wise and positive but apart from this? It’s a difficult question for most of us to answer so let’s narrow it down. Which one of these best describes you:

  • I am more creative. I enjoy and could be good at languages, writing, speaking, performing etc
  • I am more a numbers person. I enjoy Math, Science, analyzing, statistics and detail.
  • I am more a sociable type person. I love chatting to others, parties, entertaining and going out with friends. I am never stuck for starting a conversation with strangers.

You may relate to all of the above in varying degrees but if you had to choose one and one only to be doing, which would it be? Well done you are half way to knowing which strategy to choose to promote your home business network marketing enterprise.

If you are more creative then you will be better off focusing on one of the content producing type strategies as in article marketing, blogging, videos, podcasts etc.

If you are more a numbers type person then you would be best suited to direct response marketing like pay per click because one needs to do a great deal of tracking, testing and and number crunching.

If you are a more sociable type then you would be most suited to using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

It is as simple as that. Of course there is the possibility for some cross over activity. For instance to be successful at direct response marketing it would also be useful to have some copy writing skills. Making your choice should not be that difficult but what’s the best way to learn how to do it?

Reliable Legal Center

Most people are mistaken legal center with the common legal offices or law firms because they do not know the basic difference between the two. There are few differences between the legal center and the law firms and one of the most obvious differences is the type of legal case that they are handling. For the law firms, the most common legal cases are like DUI, speeding tickets, and other ordinary legal problems; but the legal cases that the legal center has to deal with are considered as little bit complicated because they are handling the financial abuse cases.

Investigating and finding the facts for financial abuse cases is not easy because there are so many financial documents that the legal center has to go through and they might need to interview different parties who suspected to have connection with the client’s financial abuse case. For the Guardian Legal Center, they know that clearing out their clients’ names and records from financial abuse is not going to be easy because they often have to file law suit for bank fraud and abuse and they are facing major banks and even international-standard banks which abused their clients’ financial rights.

If you think that the number of banks that abusive to their clients is small, you are wrong because although there are 12 banks which are currently under investigation, the list is going on because there are so many banks that apparently abuse their clients’ financial rights. The JPMorgan Chase case for example, the investigation revealed that they have 23,000 delinquent clients’ accounts which had incorrect balances. Another example is the 12 major banks which are under investigation due to fix the interest rates without discussing or informing it to their clients. The interest rates are based on the LIBOR rate and it as rigged by the 12 banks which now have to go through thorough scrutinize investigation.

Who Is The Best Marketer In The Universe According To Google Search?

There are SEO experts and professional internet marketers who know how to gain top organic rankings for just about every and any search term under the sun. One powerful example of what is possible when utilizing proven search engine optimization techniques is the search phrase “Best Marketer In The Universe.”

This is an extremely bold claim and may seem a bit absurd or egotistical to some web users out there, but the fact of the matter remains that if you know what to do and actually go through with it, it’s possible to gain first ranked results for any keyword or keyphrase that is important to you or your business.

Content Development:

You may think that there has been a huge focus put on using this keyword within blogs, articles, and web sites throughout the internet in order to gain the desired #1 result. Writing post after post and page after page about how this person is the greatest marketer in the universe and knows everything there is to know about business and industry, but that is far from the case and far from reality. As it currently stands no more than one free WordPress blog and one self-hosted WordPress site have been utilized to develop content going after this search term, yes that’s all!

The reason that so little content has still produced the desired results is a number of factors. First of all, no one has really been competing under this term which will of course make it far easier to gain top rankings for a keyphrase like this. Similar to when doing natural SEO for your business and keywords, it can be crucial to first go for longer tailed specific terms as you can gain results more quickly and effectively then by going after broader more competitive terms. If you’re new to search engine marketing it’s a great place to start by setting smaller goals and achieving them first and foremost.

Anchor Text Links:

Within the content that had been developed and geared for the SEO rankings this marketer was going for, they’ve included a few anchor text links to their self-hosted marketing blog. The links were set up basically using the standard WordPress HTML dashboard where you highlight a key phrase, click the hyperlink button, and then add the destination URL and enter link title. This was done on the first and only post of the free blog as well as the about page.

On Site Content:

As the anchor text links point to a personal and business marketing blog, the content on the site itself is also critical to gaining first positions. The title of the site as well as the about page have all been geared towards the fact that this business owner is indeed the universe’s best marketer and have completely unique content relevant to that statement. Images used have had their extension named properly as well as their captions including the keyphrase within the image itself.

Time Frames For #1 Ranking:

Considering this is a non competitive keyphrase, the #1 ranking was able to be achieved in roughly 3-4 weeks. Under highly competitive terminology, organic search rankings typically take 3-4 months to see basic results even when done by professional SEO consultants and specialists.

Even with just the most basic of SEO practices used properly it is possible to improve the organic search engine rankings of your web site and company under any keywords you may be considering going for. If you have the drive and some determination, you too can make bold claims like this and back them up with validated results, a great marketing tactic.

The Best Marketing Question!

I visit with clients and prospects frequently. I go through the Marketing 101 questions. What have you done? What has worked? What hasn’t? Who is your perfect client? What do they like/fear/need/hate? Where is your business and where do you want to go? But there is always one question that I ask when we start talking about options that is the best marketing question ever. Why?

It’s a simple one word question, but it clarifies a lot for you, as a marketer, and the business owner. Why? My favorite example of this is when a current client of mine asked me to build a website. It’s not what I normally do and in all honesty, I don’t like doing it. It’s not my strongest skill and I have a lot of talented people that are in my network that I’d rather outsource it to, but he wanted me to do it for him. I said okay, but I have one question. Why? Why do you want a website?

He looked at me like I was crazy. I told him I was serious. If I was going to build him a website, I needed to know why he wanted it. I had to build it to fit his needs. He looked at me and said, “well, everyone has a website and I know I need one.” I explained that I agreed that a website could be an incredible resource, but first, he needs to know why he needs one. What does he expect it to do? It is for information? Is it for revenue? Is it for both? Is he going to post articles regularly? Is it to show videos showcasing his business, or giving advice? Why does he want a website? He said that he never really though that much about it. Then he did.

That is the case with most businesses. They don’t ask why do they want to do what they want to do. They want to advertise. Why? They want a big sign out front. Why? They want high end, glossy marketing pieces to mail out. Why? They want to hire a marketing company or person. Why?

Granted, some will say to generate more revenue. That’s always the main goal of marketing. Whether it’s a sign out front, advertising, a website, or hand outs, there is a general assumption that everything will generate more money. When I get this answer, I go back to the question. Why?

Now some may say that if I don’t know then I shouldn’t be in marketing. All my clients should leave and I should pack up my shop. The only thing is I do know. But unless you get your client thinking about their business and ensure you are on the same page as they are, you will find out that a lot of the times what you do, may not be what they want. Then it’s wasted money on the client’s side and wasted time, and possibly reputation, on the marketer’s side. It’s a lose-lose situation.

If you’re wondering if I built the website for him, the answer is no. He realized what he wanted and why he wanted it. He realized that it was a bigger project than I could do for him. But I did refer him to a person in my network that I knew was good and referred business to me. It was a win-win-win situation.

So whether you own a business and do your own marketing, or your a marketer and work with clients, before you get too far down the planning path, ask that crucial and best marketing question. Why?