The Best Market to Make Massive Money With Article Marketing Fast

When people start article marketing they want to know what the best market is to use article marketing to make the most money possible! I want to show you the number one way to tell if a market is right for you to go in and make a fortune in…

The Big Article Marketing Niche Picking Secret:

Make sure there is a lot of money being spent on information products in that market!

Here is the thing you need to understand – if you want to make the most money possible and help the most customers possible then you need to go into a market where a ton of people are reading information & buying information in that market.

Competition Is A Good Thing:

When it comes to these markets, new people get worried and think they can’t make money in them. The facts are this – you can make a fortune if you are new.

You want to be a small fish in a big ocean verses being a big fish in a kiddy pool?

Most new people want to be the big whale in the kiddy pool because it makes them feel good. But the reality is that it does not make you the most money.

You want to go into a market that you will grow into with time. If in a year from now you are a really good marketer and making good money – you can then take your marketing to the next level within that market verses having to start all over again in a new market.

Best Marketing Blog Practices – Clone What Top Marketing Bloggers Are Doing

Using the best marketing blog practices are what top marketing bloggers are doing to make money online. Blogging is no longer a term that’s alien from making money, nowadays, it’s very common for people to make money using blogging – either being from content, reviews or just plain product recommendation blogs.

If you’re starting your own marketing blog or attempting to begin one, why not start strong?

In this article, I’m going to reveal to you the common blog practices top marketing bloggers are employing but I’m going to make it very practical so it’s usable for the average do-it-yourself marketer.

First of all, you should know that WordPress is the only way to go. It’s the superior option in terms of flexibility due to the immense amount of free plugins & themes you can choose, it is easy build an interactive micro-community.

To clarify, you want to get a self-hosted blog with WordPress to manage your content. Not but

Next, you need a good tagline about what kind of market you are speaking to.

  • Be as clear as possible to your target market, let them know you are a good fit for what they’re looking for.
  • Make your tagline benefit-heavy but easily understood with 1 glance
  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci

Following which, you need to be careful as to what kind of ads you put on your blog. Be it product reviews, classified ads, Google’s AdSense program – you must remember that your readers and viewership come first.

Don’t let the virtual money blind your eyes. Because without a loyal readership, you won’t have money coming to you. The underlying rule top marketers use is to always serve their audience and have their best interests in mind, never forget that!

What If Your Employees Were Your Best Marketing Tool?

Net Promoter System and the NPO

A Case Study

What if your employees were your best marketing tool? A recent client engagement got me thinking about that question. I was contracted to do an assessment of the organizational culture of an NPO precipitated by increased levels of conflict, stress, and tension in the organization. My engagement proved most enlightening – for me and for the executive leadership team who contracted my services.

One of the assessment tools I used included (among others) the following questions:

Would you recommend this organization to potential customers/clients seeking the products or services?

Would you recommend this organization to someone like yourself as a good place to work?

Respondents were segmented into three categories based on years of service with the organization. The results were very revealing. The employee group with the most years of service with the organization (also the largest group of employees) scored the lowest in terms of their responses to both questions. Their responses were overwhelmingly either “Not at all” or “To a slight extent”.

That raised two further questions in my mind. Why do they stay? Does the executive leadership team have any idea how disillusioned their longest serving employees are? When I presented my report with recommendations to the executive leadership team, their response quickly answered my second question. They were shocked! They had no idea how bad things and the shock value was almost palpable!

Your Case Study

If I were to pose those same two questions to the employees and volunteers in your NPO, would the results be markedly different? How would you know? What, if anything are you doing to measure the level of satisfaction of your NPO’s employees and volunteers?

An NPO’s people are in some ways its greatest asset, its greatest resource. Most often they’re connected to the organization because they share a deep and abiding passion for the cause. They’re willing to make significant sacrifices for the cause. They’re people with big hearts, and a desire to do good in the world, leaving a lasting legacy of personal and community transformation in their wake.


The sad testimonial is that the discovery I made in working with this client is not unique to that particular NPO nor an isolated incident. A similar survey in a host of other NPO”s would provide comparable telling results. The 2013 list of Canada’s 50 Best Employers as voted by employees and published by McLean’s Magazine is comprised exclusively of for profit companies. Not even one NPO made the list! I suspect similar surveys in other countries would yield similar results. I find that both astounding and appalling! This is one case where NPO’s ought to be much more like the “good to great” businesses! They ought to be the ones who treat their employees and volunteers in a way that at least gets them on the Top 50 Employers list if not near the top!

Building Your Internal Marketing Team – Some Suggestions

So 2013 is quickly coming to a close. You can’t do anything about the past, but you can takes steps to create a different future. As you reflect on 2014 which is just around the corner, what if your employees and volunteers were your best marketing tool? What difference would that make in your NPO? How much would that change your life as and executive team leader?

Here’s a few suggestions to consider.

Conduct an anonymous survey of your employees and volunteers and ask them the same two questions. With tools like SurveyMonkey, it’s not hard to do! The bigger question may be, “Do you have the courage as an executive leadership team to face the “brutal facts”?

Follow that up with a town hall meeting where you provide your employees and volunteers with the results. Show them what they’ve told you as an executive leadership team!

Ask them questions like, “What do we do well? What could we do better? What do we do poorly?” Be ready to REALLY listen! Beyond that, be ready to ACT on what they’ve told you. There’s no point in asking the questions if you’re not prepared to act on what you’ve heard

If you’re an executive team leader of an NPO, you have a built in marketing team. You don’t have to go out and hire an external marketing firm per se – you just have to creatively capitalize on the team you already have at your disposal. They already believe in your cause. They’re willing to sacrifice for your cause. What if they felt really appreciated, valued and affirmed and then went out and told everyone they knew how lucky AND happy they were to work for your organization! That’s worth far more than what you’d pay most marketing agencies.

Question: What can you do in 2014 to turn your existing employees and volunteers into a powerhouse marketing machine? In business it’s called the Net Promoter System. Why not integrate it into your NPO and begin your journey up the list of 50 Best Employers in your country or region!

Search Results

Lots of folks are stumped as to what the best marketing software out there is. The truth is, there are some good products out there, but you must be sure that you are picking the best marketing software for you and your business. And the explanation for that is similar to how everybody is unique, so are their business wants. So to grasp what would be the best marketing software for you, you need to have some understanding of your own unique and individual wants for your business.

The first step to understanding what the best marketing software is for you is to first identify your goals. You can not know what you want till you first know where you need to go. It could appear like a straightforward step, but one that most of the people forget to do. For example, you can not simply say that you want to make more money. It’d be the rare person who did not want to make more money. Instead, before you attempt to find the best marketing software, you want to clearly state your goals for your own business. Is this your full time job, or a sideline? Where do you want to be in a year, or five years?

Next, after you know what your goals are, you need to spot your timelines. How snappy are you wanting to get there? Again, everybody’s first response is generally ‘as shortly as possible’, but that may not be what’s best for your business. There are many people who’ve been undone by too much success when they weren’t prepared for it and couldn’t meet the orders that came pouring in. The best marketing software is the kind that will help you grow at precisely the right pace for you and your business. You definitely need it to grow, but you need it to follow your business plan, not drag you along behind it.

Because goals and timelines can vary, and indeed frequently change extremely suddenly, the best marketing software for your business is one that is versatile enough to adapt to changes to your plans. There could be unexpected changes, whether with your business, for example your providers running out of product, or changes in your personal life that make you either need to slow it down or speed it up. The best marketing software – the one that is right for your business, should be in a position to acclimatize to whatever you throw at it.

Above all, the best marketing software is the one that fits into your life and budget. Again, flexibility is vital here. If you have got something that may perform sundry functions exactly the way you want it to, it’s going to be well worth the investment you put into it.