Promotional Keyrings: One Of The Best Marketing Tools

From your childhood days, key rings have fascinated you. You still remember you had a habit of spending major amounts of your pocket money to get the best and latest form of key rings just to ensure you could show your collection to your friends. In fact so popular were you with this collection that most of your friends had nick named you as ‘ringmaster’. So when you had heard about Promotional keyrings, it actually sounded Greek and Latin to you.

As you were totally oblivious of it, you developed a deep-rooted interest to know about it. So when you called up some of your friends if they could somehow help you in collecting more information about it, you drew blank because of the revelations made by your friend. There were few who said it was a very tedious and complicated procedure to collect this information. This made you depressed about the whole idea to explore ways of knowing it. You had reached such a stage where you felt a need to completely to give up the idea to know about them.

There is some great news for you. The piece of information that you are reading actually goes to elaborate everything that is in your mind. It lays down some simple step and methods by which you will be easily able to collect enough information that will give you flexibility and liberty to arrive at a decision. For instance, if you were willing to know more about Promotional items, you just have to ensure you have read an entire article. You must have heard the old adage ‘There is no short cut to successes’. Therefore, it is advisable that you don’t believe in these hearsay and half baked truths. If you do so, there are chances that you might jump resorting to some of these weird short cuts that your friends might have suggested to you.

Instead, a better approach would be to take you own initiatives to know more about it. You can easily follow these simple methods and techniques that will literally allow you to accumulate required information with greater success within a very short time and without much effort. In fact these steps are so simple and easy to follow that you may eventually end up saying “Oh my god! Why didn’t I read this before?”

For instance, if you want to know more about Promotional merchandise companies, all that you have to do is to take help from a newspaper that must be arriving at your door steps each morning. After you have finished reading whatever news and events you wanted to read, you should devote some quality time to locate many types of adverts that are normally present in a newspaper. If you look at these adverts closely, you will find many important details like, telephone number, postal address, communication address etc. Simply make use of this information and make your sound decision.

7 Best Marketing Practices of All Time

1. Position yourself as an expert

When clients approach your business they do so for a reason, they need help. What is the incentive for a client to call a company when they see an impersonal ad in the newspaper? Just the service. However, if they are in need of a service and stumble across an article that answers some of their key questions they have, written by an expert (YOU), they are more likely to trust your company because you have already given them some value up front.

To be an expert, you must 1) project confidence in your voice and physical posture, 2) have thorough knowledge of your products and services, 3) BRAG a little!

There are many ways to achieve expert status and here are a few suggestions that take some of your time and have amazing results, but cost you NOTHING.

30-Second Elevator Pitch

The ability to recite quickly and accurately the value of your product and service to a potential client you meet shows that you know your niche, that you are confident, and that you are organized. Take some time and create a pitch that defines your value in the marketplace, and have your employees each memorize it. It is an invaluable tool and once accomplished will allow for an infallible projection of confidence whenever you or your employees speak about your company.

Expert Articles

Find an industry publication and contact the editor. They are always looking for editorial content! Think about becoming a columnist. Make sure to have a nice headshot taken! Take copies of your articles and put them in media kits, on your website, and blog. This gives instantaneous recognition for your talents and status in the industry. Pretty soon you will be getting approached to speak and write articles for other publications! Submit them to free article sites like EzineArticles.

Speaking Engagements

Industry associations, chambers of commerce, and Rotary Clubs are always looking for speakers. Get in there and let them know you are available and what you can offer. Drafting a one page profile outlining the topics you can speak on will also help them when they are looking for resources. Keep an eye out for “Call to Speakers” announcements for conferences and events as well.

Media Interviews and PR Gigs

HARO – Help a Reporter Out is a great resource for PR opportunities. Be sure to sign-up for their daily emails and respond to any inquiries that are relevant to you.

Winning Contests

Educate yourself on contests and competitions that are occurring in your area of expertise. Most of the time businesses can enter and vote themselves in. Many times few companies apply for the competition, giving you a great chance of winning. An award from a third-party is something that needs to be displayed on websites, in press-releases, and in the office.


Like physical networking, LinkedIn provides amazing opportunities if used properly. Joining groups and contributing content and answers to questions posted is a great way to position yourself as an expert. Growing your network, contacting leads, and updating your profile status is a great way to touch potential clients.


Have a follow-up system in place so that every satisfied customer is providing you with a written testimonial that you can use on your website, email templates, and brochures.

2. Create and showcase your professional image and brand

Your brand image is an extension of yourself and conveys a level of trust to your clients. If you have not taken your time to develop your brand with care, why should a client believe that you will take a higher level of care with their project? It is worth hiring a professional designer to create a logo, letterhead, business card, and website. Ultimately the investment you make in these tools will make you much more profit in the end. Partner a professional image and website together with a strong operational system, and marketing plan and you are bound to grow a healthy business.

Another major point to consider is brand consistency. Every branding tool you choose from business cards, to vehicle wraps needs to have a common look and feel so that the client can recognize you among the thousands of other brands they see every day!

Many small and medium businesses don’t realize how effective of a branding tool mobile advertising and car wraps actually are. Large companies use vehicle wraps and mobile billboards constantly to penetrate a market, which is probably why small and medium sized companies think that this form of advertising is too expensive. This is false, and I highly recommend this form of advertising for many industries. If you have a car, you should be advertising your business to the thousands of potential customers you drive by every day. So when a client sees your logo, they will say… “I remember seeing them on the highway; they must be a reputable company!”

3. Collect and store critical customer and potential customer data

What do you do with business cards you collect at all of those networking meetings? Like most business owners, you probably throw them into a box and forget about them. Or how about the database full of customers you have already worked with? Or the people visiting your website? All of these people have had contact with you, and you are missing a chance at building a relationship with them and doing business with them in the future.

Here are some simple ways to setup a system to collect and use this data:


Have a pop-up box on the homepage of your website that has a free offer (maybe for one of those expert articles you wrote) where all they need to do is give you their email address and then they get an email copy of the.PDF article. This way you now have a way to contact them and they don’t just turn into another visitor to your website!


Sign-up for an email marketing service, like This way, you can send out monthly emails easily without spamming people. I recommend touching your client base at least twice a month. Make the content exciting so that they want to forward it to their friends!

Newsletter Sign-up

Have a place on your website for them to sign up for your e-Marketing newsletter.


Consistently touch your client base so they don’t forget about you. You never know when they or someone they know may need what you offer!

4. Generate content and have multiple channels of distribution

In a world of digital communication you MUST use social media, blogging, and PR outlets to compete. If you are not, know that your competitors are.


The main benefit of blogging is search engine optimization (SEO). I highly recommend because it is owned by Google and can get you great rankings for critical keywords fast. It is easy to use and will help your business immediately.

LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

Whenever you generate any content, you must have a set plan of how you are going to distribute it. Post it on Facebook, write a blog post, tweet a link to the blog post, and send it to your e-marketing list of current clients.

Two major factors that keep a company cutting edge and in front of your clients is content generation and the content distribution channels used. Content is considered news about projects your company has completed, contracts you have won, awards you have won, offers and promotions, articles you have written, new website launches, new products, and pretty much anything else deemed newsworthy. How will they know unless you tell them? Your potential clients are not visiting your site everyday to see what is new. It is your responsibility to tell them, and tell them often. This constant communication builds brand loyalty and creates a community of clients, not just a random encounter!

5. Consistency

Create a schedule to maintain a consistent basis for when you touch your clients so you can stay on track. Erratic touches do not generate consistent business. Even when business slows down, cut your marketing budget last. Because when all of your competitors cut their marketing budgets, it opens a window of opportunity for you to capture more market share!

6. Be Easily Found on the Internet

If you can’t be found on the internet, your business is doomed. The yellow pages are obsolete, and word-of-mouth alone will take far too long to build your business. Use these simple strategies to become found… overnight.

Google Local Business

If your business is not listed in Google Local Business, then you are missing a TON of business. You know those links that are below the paid advertising at the top of the page to the right of the map? Those businesses do not pay one cent for that position! They simply listed their businesses with Google Local Business! Whenever a client is looking for a business in their category around their location, they pop-up… for FREE.


As I said above and cannot say it enough, the main benefit of blogging is search engine optimization (SEO). I highly recommend because it is owned by Google and can get you great rankings for critical keywords fast. It is easy to use and will help your business immediately.


Take ten minutes to create a keyword list. Keywords are the search terms that your clients will use to find you on the internet. Be creative. Some of your keywords should be common misspellings of words to find your products. I cannot tell you the number of times we were found with “vehcile wraps” vs. “vehicle wraps” and gained business from Google searches. These keywords should be included in the content of press-releases, your website, blog posts, articles, and in responses to forums online.


Make sure that you know where your clients look for your kind of services. The easiest way to find out – call them and ask. They will tell you the publications they subscribe to, the blogs they read, and the other resources you may have never heard of! Also be sure that you become listed in free directories all over the internet. How will you know where the directories are? Google your own keywords… act like a client.

7. Track what works

Why waste money on strategies that aren’t working? Know what you are doing, and tract each tactic in an excel spreadsheet or in your project management software. It is simple, ask your client, “Where did you hear about us?” and they will tell you. At the end of the month go over your sales and see where the majority of revenue is coming from and where it isn’t, and put more effort into what is working.

I hope these strategies have helped you realize that marketing and PR doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. If you work smart and implement a clear system of executing these tactics it will be reflected in your bottom line. Even in this economy.

Best Marketing Tactics for Your Business

Marketing your services is what keeps you in business — so using the best marketing tactics to support your goals only makes sense. There are dozens of simple ways you can add impact to your marketing strategies — and many of them are right under your nose.

The best marketing tactics are the strategies you can implement right away, utilize with minimal effort, maintain on a regular basis and work into your budget and schedule. Here are a few of the best marketing tactics you can start using TODAY to create more profits in your business.

Make the most of every opportunity.

Every time you conduct a business conversation, make sure you are offering something helpful to the person you are speaking with — and then offer a little more. Make it a personal habit to end your conversation with a simple phrase like, “What else I can do to support you?” It’s your equivalent of “Would you like fries with that?” Every fast food restaurant on the planet teaches its employees to upsell — to add a little something to every order, like fries or a soda. Do the same with your clients and prospects — ask them if there is anything else you can help them with — every time you talk to them.

Play nice with other people!

We learn from an early age that playing nice with others is always the right thing to do. In your business, you can create joint ventures with other service professionals and create a win-win situation for both of you. When you partner with someone who offers a service complementary to yours, you can draw from each other’s client base and networks, multiplying your opportunities. For example, if you’re a copywriter, partner with a web designer and the next thing you know, you’ll both be sending work each other’s way on a regular basis.

Spread the wealth- your wealth of knowledge that is.

Chances are you are familiar with the value of blogging about your business. Keep in mind though to not just focus on your own blog. Connect with other bloggers who write about related topics. Comment on their blogs, be friendly, helpful and complimentary and then ask for the opportunity to guest blog on their site. Offer them the chance to do the same on yours if they wish. This can open the door to dozens, even hundreds of potential clients. Choose blogs that are in the same industry as yours, but not in direct competition.

Sponsor a contest!

Everyone likes to win something — and contests create viral, word of mouth advertising like nothing else. Offer up a gift certificate to one of your offerings, find a few colleagues to do the same or even find a corporate sponsor to offer a tangible prize. Use your social media profiles to spread the word and get folks excited about your contest.

Make it easy to buy what you are selling.

Create a variety of purchase plans and options for your products and services. Use PayPal, Google Checkout, accept credit cards and offer payment plans for big ticket items so prospective clients have no excuse to turn down your offer. You can also create a “limited time only” sale of your services. Offer an irresistible incentive if clients purchase by an upcoming date. Give your audience a compelling reason to take advantage of your offers.

These simple strategies are some of the easiest and best marketing tactics you can find. By implementing these ideas in your business, you’ll quickly create more visibility for your brand, attract more ideal clients and significantly increase your profits.

Internet Marketing – Best Marketing Techniques Using Internet

Internet marketing is an easy tool by way of which one gets directly targets the audience easily and is lesser time. Targeting the audience through internet means that you are getting closer to the audience, who is looking for the products and the services that you are providing. But it is very much understood that the marketers have to take calculated risks. There may be trials and few errors too.

When one wants to fly high in faith that he has created faith in the target audience, he must understand well that marketing using internet can prove to be one of the most successful techniques. It is not that everyone gets it right; this is because there is definitely an element of risk involved in this marketing technique too as in any other marketing technique.

For internet marketing, one needs to learn the search engine optimization. He needs to write contents and articles with the high-ranking keywords. This is the most important thing for directing the traffic to any particular website. For this you can learn through internet itself that which keywords and phrases can be used to attract the audience.

Each and every strategy for internet marketing must be planned in accordance with the competition in the market. For this, the best knowledge can be obtained from internet and even this work can be handed over to a good SEO company without any second thoughts. The professionals here know how to exchange the links with the reputed sites and how the attractive keyword can be used perfectly, in order to get the best results through it.