3 Best Markets to Buy Commercial Real Estate

The greed in the United States has not only driven this country to a deep and long recession, but also sparked a global financial crisis of unparalleled proportions. This fact is well known and documented. It is also well documented that the commercial real estate market have been severely hit leading public traded REITs like General Growth Properties and large commercial property owners like the Lembi Group out of San Francisco to file for bankruptcy protection. The herd mentality says “sell, sell, sell.” During these times of great uncertainty, it will be the contrarians that will ultimately take advantage of the steep declines in commercial properties and actually be the catalysts to turn the economy around. So, if you have money and are ready to invest in real estate, where are the best markets and opportunities that promise to yield optimal risk adjusted returns?

The first market to invest in is urban in-fill locations. You may have been expecting me to offer up a specific city, but you’ll find great opportunities in a myriad of urban in-fill locations. Urban infill locations are places like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York to state the obvious. These locations have large existing populations, strong job base and limited available properties. There are less obvious cities, but equally filled with opportunities like Redmond or Bellevue in Washington and San Mateo, Burlingame, and Los Gatos in California. Look for cities within 15 miles of the most urban city in your region.

The second market to invest in is tourist locations. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the real estate market in Louisiana was devastated. Properties sold in the French Quarter were selling for 1/3 of the price before the hurricane. Once the flood and the chaos quelled, real estate in the French Quarter tripled. There are other places to consider like Mexico. Mexican cities like Cabo San Lucas or Cancun are excellent cities in Mexico. While the Mexico flag flies in those cities rather than the American flag, there are great opportunities in this depressed market to buy real estate.

The third are college towns. Places like Westwood near UCLA or Berkeley next to UC Berkeley yield some of the highest and inelastic rents in the country. You can even buy depressed properties near state colleges like West Virginia or Fresno State. Even though the prices are low, the rents are high because students want to be near campus.

Best Marketing Practices

Marketing products is an important task for any business. Without marketing its goods a business cannot expect to have more customers. A business with ineffective marketing techniques can not survive in the long run. Thus following the best marketing practices is critical for any business to survive whether it is a small or a large business. Here are some effective marketing practices to give more value to your marketing efforts:

o Develop and distribute free samples about your services and products. Normally the written or the recorded samples are considered to be the best.

o Write ten or fifteen new headlines for your existing advertisements published in newspapers or magazines. Also first test these headlines against the current headlines in your small classified ads and the successful headlines should be used in big advertisements.

o Request your best clients to give testimonials

o You can volunteer yourself and your employees in assisting any charitable cause

o Try joining new groups. Try to get involved with organizations that allow you to make new potential clients and networks

o Approach a business that is not your competitor and serves the same category if clients as you do to form alliance and to share referrals

o Also it is very important to stay in touch with your ex customers who no longer do business with you so that you can know why they stopped dealing with you and what improvements you need in your product and services so that you don’t loose any more customers.

o You can sponsor a sports team or any club

o Always create profile of your prospective clients and try to find out to which group these clients belong and what publications they read the most.

o Advertise your products in newspapers, magazines, websites etc so that people can come to know about your products and services. The content of your advertisement should not be dull and boring. Your website should be easy to navigate and should contain a brief description about your product in simple words.

o You should also carry out a client survey periodically to discover your strengths and weaknesses. You should be ready to accept whatever weaknesses you discover and should be willing to improve them so that they do not occur in future.

o Always follow positive approach rather than reactive approach, in order to gain references from your clients. Instead of assuming that your customer will refer your name to his friends and relatives, request him to give references to you before hand. Obtaining references is very important as in this way you can increase your prospective clients.

o Always keep in touch with your clients through promotional letters.

Thus, in the end I would say that marketing is like a backbone of any business and carrying out effective marketing strategies is vital for each and every business. By following all the above methods you can build an effective and promising marketing strategy for your products and services.

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Quickly Find the Best Marketing Strategies, and Easily Cash the Checks

All of what we now call “internet marketing” started out with newbies behind the wheel. I was one – though I have to say that it IS quite a bit easier now, having learned a few things necessary for success. Marketing on the internet is only as hard as we make it. In the beginning, in order to get your feet wet, and learn some of the tricks of the trade, may I suggest you get your own product? Notice I said “get.”

It is not hard to write at all, for me, because I simply love it. Some of you feel the same way. There are some however, (perhaps you), that almost die of fright just thinking about having to put words together on a computer, or pen to paper. You are bored stiff just thinking about it. That would be pure torture as far as you’re concerned.

For those of you who love putting words of information online so the world can see, learn, and become an expert on doing things…well, start now. There really doesn’t have to be anything hard about it at all. Choose what to do an info product on by doing research. Go to Google and find out whether what you want to write about is a hot topic people are searching for. For example: if you enjoyed writing on marriage, you’d go to Google and type in “marriage” including the parenthesis.

That pulled up 177 million searches. From there, you could begin your hunt for all that the knowledge base holds on marriage and the different aspects. After an hour or so, you would begin forming ideas on what you could write in your book, report, or special guide.

If your product is written for a special group that are begging for what you know or researched, they will pay handsomely to get that info to put on their hard drive. In fact, there are millions to be made this way if you’ll focus on a particular niche group and give them exactly what they want. There is some work involved, but look at the pay off.

The other side of the coin, for those who hate writing – you have options so simple, it’s almost like eating honey and butter on a hot, delicious, homemade biscuit. There are resources you can go to, that will do all the writing for you. In fact, they’ll do the whole report, without you even thinking about it. All you need to do is tell them what you want them to write on, and they’ll even do the research. However, the price for doing this can buy quite a load of groceries usually, unless you can find a college kid that needs money and will negotiate.

If you have the money to invest though, within a short period of time, you’d get your money back again and again. In fact, there are multi millionaires working online, who started off like this, never writing a word. Writing is highly profitable and has great rewards.

The best marketing, for you will come from research as well as what you have knowledge of, or are willing to learn as you do your home work. Affiliate marketing – that is, selling other people’s products for a certain percentage of money, is to me the best way that newbies can get their feet warmed up to online markets.

What you do is simply start a blog, ( WordPress is tops ). Research the subject you want to write about, then weave the affiliate links into the write-up that goes hand in hand with what you’re talking about. Clickbank is a great place to find affiliate links to match what you are writing. (clickbank dot com)

Best Marketing Solution With SEO Content Writing

There are numerous business marketing and promotional solutions available to choose from. But to really improve the Internet traffic on your website you need to implement smart solutions such as SEO writing. SEO content writing is essential if you want to watch your business grow rapidly. Without impressive and detailed SEO writing your business will not receive the Internet hits that are needed for your site to be successful.

Ask any SEO writing expert and they will agree that Internet marketing solutions are the best marketing solutions available. SEO content writers provide a number of web content writing services that help your business grow. These SEO writing services include dynamic content writing, SEO press release writing and other smart content writing.

When talking about smart web marketing solutions, social media must be included. Social media service can be a perfect marketing tool when it is used in combination with SEO writing and specific concentrations of keywords. By adding these key words a normal marketing campaign becomes smart and search engine optimized. Without social media content you cannot achieve you business marketing goal, therefore social media content is very important.

You can also use an SEO press release to increase the web appearance of you business when enhanced by Search Engine Optimization content writing. You can use these search engine optimized press releases for promoting your business. These press releases are updates and news that your business wants its readers to read. When you use a press release that is SEO intelligent, you can place your updates and news on top of search engine results. Because of SEO content writing more and more people will visit your website and your business prospects will get better.