Best Marketing Campaign – Is it the Marketing Promotion Mix Or Objectives Marketing

In this article I would like you to think how you would go about undertaking a marketing campaign. Many people know it is possible to earn money online, and there are just has many who think it’s all just ear-say with no real substance.

There is some truth in that, most will try their luck and only end up worse of, with some sensational out of packet expenses. There are also those that will go on to earn a income for life, those are the type of people who learn how to put the right marketing campaign together. Knowing how to do this sets you apart from the hopefuls and puts you into the successful group of campaign promotion experts.

There is no sure, fast way to earn money online, only the slow tried and tested way, the way few are willing to teach through fear of creating there own competition, or giving away the game and losing you has part of their own private income.

With this article I hope to dispel some of the negativity that the work at home industry is suffering due to some people in this type of business having no scruples whatsoever.

Now working from home should not be looked at wearing blinkers, it’s not just about trying to get someone interested in a make money program you find online. No the sort of business I want you to know about is how to sell genuine successful retail products, the sort you would buy in your local shopping mall.

This is the basics of building yourself a truly sustainable business without ever needing to own a product of your own.

Best Marketing Campaign for the newcomer. Article marketing, this is the easiest for newcomers to practice with, costs you nothing but your time and pays extremely well once you get the details right.

Marketing Promotion Mix, the next step up the ladder. This type of marketing campaign is for those who have more experience, and have already conquered article marketing to some degree, and are now happy with their overall ability to write good content. At this stage you can bring in the power of article marketing, landing pages and email marketing along with PPC (pay per click).

Objectives Marketing, this type of marketing is for those who have really grasped the concepts of a full on marketing campaign. Objectives Marketing as the name implies is a set of objectives you have set up to achieve your strategy and sales. This involves making a campaign case study of every part of your affiliate campaign for maximum results.

Everything above I have gone over in short is a part of becoming a full time professional affiliate marketer. Being successful with affiliate marketing will allow you to break away from the 9-5 routine.

Secrets to Finding the Best Market to Promote Affiliate Products In

If you want to make the most money possible with affiliate marketing then you need to make sure that you have the right market or your going to be in big financial trouble. In this article I want to show you how to find the best market to make the most money with.

Secret #1:

Make sure there is at least 1 or 2 other people in that market making money! This is the biggest thing you need to be looking for when you go into a new market to become an affiliate.

The reason for this is you want to make sure someone else has spent the time and money to crack the market so you don’t have to become the pioneer and make that market work.

The other thing is this – affiliate marketing can be tough because your only getting a percentage of the sale verses the whole amount. So you want to see that other affiliate marketers have been in that market for at least 6 months.

Secret #2:

Make sure you can make a profit in the market you are going into! This is the biggest problem most affiliate marketers have is they go into the big money markets – stock trading, investing, real-estate, Internet marketing, exc…

Then they wonder why they can not make any money in that market & eventually go broke trying.

Go into a market that you know you can make a profit in & once that profit starts rolling in – go into a bigger market when you have more skills!

Best Marketing Method

After 13 years on the Internet, I read constantly where “search engine placement” is the key to success and I am here to tell you this is baloney. Yes, it is a necessary ingredient but not something you should hyper-ventilate over.

So what is the best and most time-efficient marketing method?

Writing Articles

Yes, I know you’ve read or heard this thousand of times before but guess what folks – it works! Articles live forever on the Internet. I still have people visiting my site from articles I wrote 12 years ago.

Now if you’re saying to yourself “I can’t write” – I say “yeah right, then you woke up” because I’ll bet you email someone every day. And, basically that’s all an ezine article is – you writing to a friend on a subject you know.

To get your articles accepted by most ezine publishers, there are a few guidelines you should use:

1.) Publishing Permission Statement

This is usually at the top of your article and is wording for article groups which send out emails:

This article may be freely published in your newsletter, on your website, or in your free eBook so long as you keep my byline and resource box intact with a click-able link back to my site.

By putting this statement in, you will not have to play email tag with all the different ezine editors. It saves you both time if this simple statement is included.

On sites like EzineArticles, this isn’t needed because it’s included in their terms of service.

2.) Article Title with your name as Author

Make your title attention grabbing yet short and to the point. Your reader wants to know what’s in it for them. Make sure they know what solution you’re offering.

3.) First Paragraph and Body of Article

You have exactly 5 to 10 seconds to grab your reader’s attention so make sure your first paragraph does this. Then each paragraph after that should be concise, flow easily and never waiver from your main subject.

Beginning article writers make the mistake of have more than one subject. This only confuses your reader. Their time is valuable so make sure you honor this by giving them only the information you promised in your headline.

Your last paragraph should conclude your article either by recapping your main points (how-to articles) or have a slight twist leaving your readers smiling. And if you can restate your article title into your ending sentence, all the better.

4.) Resource Box

The reason you wrote the article in the first place besides wanting to share your knowledge. This is how you get targeted visitors to your site.

So spend your time on this and get it perfect. Write, rewrite and write it again so the 3 or 4 lines you are allowed entices the readers to click on your link.

Follow the above guidelines when writing your articles, submit them and you’ll be enjoying the best marketing method on the Internet!

The Best Marketing Tools Ever – And How to Pick The Right One(s)

One of the most frequent questions I get from other cash flow professionals is “What are the best marketing tools and methods to find new prospects?” The truth is there is no silver bullet and one size does not fit all. Some marketing tools and strategies work better for some, while others… well, you get the idea.

Therefore, the correct answer to these questions is “It depends”. Of course, no one wants to hear that answer because it’s simply not what anyone wants to hear and everyone thinks I’m dodging the question. Is it an honest and correct answer? Yes. Is it a constructive one? No. Or is it?

Maybe if we understood on what “it depends”, we could better focus on how to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of our marketing by selecting the most productive tools and strategies. By the way, by “effectiveness” I mean the quantity and quality of the marketing results, while “efficiency” refers to the investment (i.e., money and/or time) required to achieve those results.

So what does it depend on? Which are the variables that really influence the success or failure of your marketing the most? This may come as a surprise, but here are the key contributors and most crucial variables you can influence directly that account for most of the difference between your marketing success and failure:

1. You (your background, expertise, skills, personality, style, etc.)

2. You marketing message and communication

3. Your investment (time and money)

However, the marketing tools you choose in order to deliver your marketing messages to your target group play a role as well, of course.

To illustrate this point I have first grouped the various and most commonly used marketing tools/strategies into three distinct groups:

1. Direct approach such as ads, direct mail, flyers, brochures, website, and even cold-calling: The marketing purpose is obvious. It’s a one-on-one delivery directly to your target group and focuses clearly on the benefits of your product/service).

2. Indirect approach such as networking, presentations, articles, press releases, and social media: The marketing is more subtle and more of informative nature. Benefits communicated could be more generic, i.e., not only linked to your specific product/service but to the product/service category. It’s delivered to groups – not individuals – which may also include contacts outside your intended and immediate target group.

3. A 3rd party referral approach is the typical relationship based marketing approach; you don’t “market” per se, but you build relationships and a network of strategic alliances with people who can and will refer business to you. Also referred to as “word of mouth” marketing.

Based on our own experience and what others have told us about theirs, we can then sort the various marketing “delivery tools” by their effectiveness and efficiency. Now, this information may be useful when you have to decide which marketing tools to use and which ones you can do without. Here is a summary of what we found:

Referral based marketing / word- of-mouth strategies are rated as highly effective and most efficient. This seems logical, as nothing beats a good recommendation, and all you have to do is earn one! Of course, this is often easier said than done.

Among the “indirect approaches‘, networking is also seen as highly effective, yet slightly less efficient, because it involves a heavy investment of time and patience. Results are seen mid- and long-term, but success does not come overnight.

Direct approaches” – especially advertising, direct mail, and even the frequently shunned cold-call are effective marketing delivery tools. Of course, they also rank among the least efficient, as they require a lot of investment (both, money and time).

The final vote on social media strategies is still out and so far and currently a mixed bag at best. Some have a lot of hope and swear by it, others consider it a waste of time.

Other “direct approaches” such as websites, brochures, and business cards are considered a clear “must have”, but their value as New-Business-Development tools seems rather limited.

While this is a good start and may function as an initial guide, we have to realize that it is not a “scientific model” with hard numbers behind it. It’s merely an aggregate of opinions. Expert opinions, but opinions nonetheless. Secondly, the model is only derived from marketing tools used in a B2B environment without any validation in the business-to-consumer marketing world. Although I would surmise that similarities are likely to exist.

However, the most “noise” in this data comes from three variables that are not even on the map: You, your marketing messages, and your investment (money & time)! And here is why.

While most people agree that “client referrals” are one of the most effective and efficient methods to develop new business, other “tools” are not quite as clear-cut, because it really depends on how you use them.

Take networking for instance. Again, most people report that networking has been a highly effective and quite efficient business development tool for them. But imagine what would happen if you were a lousy networker who made all the typical networking mistakes under the sun. Do you think networking would be an effective marketing tool for you?

Or take cold-calling. People who do it properly see it as an effective tool for business development. Those who don’t do it properly typically pooh-pooh it and consider it an anachronism or a waste of time and resources. But think about it! Of course, cold calling will never work for you if…

  • you are horrified at the sheer thought of even picking up the phone
  • you don’t say the right things when someone answers the phone
  • you don’t invest enough time to make enough calls
  • you waste too much time calling the wrong people.

Or, if you can’t deliver a decent speech or presentation in front of a group of people, even if your life depended on it, don’t do it! Presentations and public speaking engagements won’t work for you.

The same goes for any other marketing tool or method as well, by the way. If you don’t use it properly, it won’t work. No surprises here I hope.

To make matters even worse, if your marketing message stinks, it won’t even matter one bit how you broadcast it to planet prospect, i.e., via advertising, direct mail, flyers, websites, magazine articles, brochures, etc. Your marketing will simply not work. End of story.

The point in all this madness is this:

1. Referral based marketing systems typically provide the best results at the most reasonable investment level. The downside is you don’t really control your pipeline, because you depend on leads that other people send your way. In order to manage towards specific, quantifiable objectives in a given time period, you can therefore not solely rely on referrals to build your business.

2. Indirect marketing methods provide an excellent complement to whatever else your marketing plan demands. They allow you to build somewhat of an “expert” status and – when done properly – move you away from a hard-sell approach into a consultative one. However, since you can’t always control who your audience is, you can also not manage numeric and time sensitive business development goals very well with this approach.

3. Direct marketing methods are the only ones that really put you in control of your business development goals. However, those that are considered most effective are also the ones that require the most investment. Either in terms of money or time or both.

However, long before you decide which marketing tools and methods to use, make sure you got the other parts right: Persuasive marketing messages as well as the professional skills and expertise required for particular marketing tools (e.g. for cold calling, networking, article writing, public speaking, etc.). Then determine how much money and time you can invest in your marketing efforts.

So, to hit a home run with your next marketing plan, consult the above-captioned analysis, develop a powerful marketing message, and focus your resources and marketing budget solely on marketing methods that

a) play to your personal strengths, and

b) are able to reach and get through to your target group.

Remember, ultimately, it’s not about which marketing methods you choose, but how well you execute them. And don’t forget: While your target group may consist of businesses, the recipient of your marketing barrage is still a person. So whatever you do, keep it personable!