Best Marketing Tactics for Your Business

Marketing your services is what keeps you in business — so using the best marketing tactics to support your goals only makes sense. There are dozens of simple ways you can add impact to your marketing strategies — and many of them are right under your nose.

The best marketing tactics are the strategies you can implement right away, utilize with minimal effort, maintain on a regular basis and work into your budget and schedule. Here are a few of the best marketing tactics you can start using TODAY to create more profits in your business.

Make the most of every opportunity.

Every time you conduct a business conversation, make sure you are offering something helpful to the person you are speaking with — and then offer a little more. Make it a personal habit to end your conversation with a simple phrase like, “What else I can do to support you?” It’s your equivalent of “Would you like fries with that?” Every fast food restaurant on the planet teaches its employees to upsell — to add a little something to every order, like fries or a soda. Do the same with your clients and prospects — ask them if there is anything else you can help them with — every time you talk to them.

Play nice with other people!

We learn from an early age that playing nice with others is always the right thing to do. In your business, you can create joint ventures with other service professionals and create a win-win situation for both of you. When you partner with someone who offers a service complementary to yours, you can draw from each other’s client base and networks, multiplying your opportunities. For example, if you’re a copywriter, partner with a web designer and the next thing you know, you’ll both be sending work each other’s way on a regular basis.

Spread the wealth- your wealth of knowledge that is.

Chances are you are familiar with the value of blogging about your business. Keep in mind though to not just focus on your own blog. Connect with other bloggers who write about related topics. Comment on their blogs, be friendly, helpful and complimentary and then ask for the opportunity to guest blog on their site. Offer them the chance to do the same on yours if they wish. This can open the door to dozens, even hundreds of potential clients. Choose blogs that are in the same industry as yours, but not in direct competition.

Sponsor a contest!

Everyone likes to win something — and contests create viral, word of mouth advertising like nothing else. Offer up a gift certificate to one of your offerings, find a few colleagues to do the same or even find a corporate sponsor to offer a tangible prize. Use your social media profiles to spread the word and get folks excited about your contest.

Make it easy to buy what you are selling.

Create a variety of purchase plans and options for your products and services. Use PayPal, Google Checkout, accept credit cards and offer payment plans for big ticket items so prospective clients have no excuse to turn down your offer. You can also create a “limited time only” sale of your services. Offer an irresistible incentive if clients purchase by an upcoming date. Give your audience a compelling reason to take advantage of your offers.

These simple strategies are some of the easiest and best marketing tactics you can find. By implementing these ideas in your business, you’ll quickly create more visibility for your brand, attract more ideal clients and significantly increase your profits.

Internet Marketing – Best Marketing Techniques Using Internet

Internet marketing is an easy tool by way of which one gets directly targets the audience easily and is lesser time. Targeting the audience through internet means that you are getting closer to the audience, who is looking for the products and the services that you are providing. But it is very much understood that the marketers have to take calculated risks. There may be trials and few errors too.

When one wants to fly high in faith that he has created faith in the target audience, he must understand well that marketing using internet can prove to be one of the most successful techniques. It is not that everyone gets it right; this is because there is definitely an element of risk involved in this marketing technique too as in any other marketing technique.

For internet marketing, one needs to learn the search engine optimization. He needs to write contents and articles with the high-ranking keywords. This is the most important thing for directing the traffic to any particular website. For this you can learn through internet itself that which keywords and phrases can be used to attract the audience.

Each and every strategy for internet marketing must be planned in accordance with the competition in the market. For this, the best knowledge can be obtained from internet and even this work can be handed over to a good SEO company without any second thoughts. The professionals here know how to exchange the links with the reputed sites and how the attractive keyword can be used perfectly, in order to get the best results through it.

Grab the Best Marketing Opportunities to Make More Sales

There’s a local music shop in my town that markets itself pretty well compared to other retail stores, even though it still manages to market itself very badly. That may seem a strange thing to say, but it’s absolutely true.

Here’s why.

A few months ago, during the Royal Wedding over here in the UK, this music shop sent an email to its subscribers telling them they would be open on the Royal Wedding day. Top marks to the business for actually having a mailing list in the first place, since most businesses don’t even know how important it is to have one, never mind actually do anything about.

So, all well and good. Except that the main thrust of the email was that the store would be “Open As Usual”, which mean there was no reason for anyone to visit the store on that day, because everything would be just the same as it usually was.

This is a prime example of missing a great marketing opportunity. Instead of saying that the shop would be open as usual, with nothing going on, the marketing mail should have said there would be all sorts of stuff going on in the shop on that day, and given people some really compelling reasons to attend.

There are a whole host of things the shop could have done. These include:

  • Hold a free guitar workshop, followed by a jam session
  • Have a local band playing
  • Have someone giving free guitar lesson
  • Hold a prize draw, giving prizes of music equipment or money-off vouchers
  • Hold a sale of old stock to clear the shelves

And so on…

But because they didn’t do any of these things, there was no reason for anyone to visit, and a great marketing opportunity on the back of the Royal Wedding was missed.

The store should also have mailed people earlier so that people could have planned their time (they mailed just a few days before the wedding day)… and they should have mailed their list several times to build up some sense of excitement and expectation.

If they’d done that, there’s a good chance they could have filled the store to bursting.

The lesson for other businesses (yes, that means your business) is that there are hundreds of events throughout the year that can be used as a reason for a special promotion or event. You can even make them up yourself, based on events happening in your own life, things such as buying a new car, the birth of a baby, a visit to the dentist (I kid ye not: it has been done) or a staff birthday. It doesn’t need to be the Royal Wedding, or any wedding at all.

Sure, you have to make the promotion interesting, and you need to have a customer list (you do have a customer list, don’t you?). But the effort needed to use a bit of brain power and plan an event or promotion will usually be paid back many times over in money in your pocket.

Next time you think times are tight, think about it.

The Best Marketing Tool For Network Marketers

The Best Marketing tool available for any business is the internet. This internet is used by people every day for four main reasons, to shop, do banking, to communicate with others and to search for information. Businesses of all niches can be found in the path of the general public who uses to internet for one of the four reasons. Many business have capitalized on this and position their business online by providing their services and products through websites of their own. There are banks that offer the convenience of online banking to their customers and stores that extend the products for people to purchase online. Many businesses have taken advantage of the internet.

The internet is a wonderful opportunity for business owners to accomplish two things. First it is another venue through which you can offer your business’ services and products and secondly, it is a way of gaining access to more members of your target market whom you most likely would not have been able to reach before because they were where you were not….on the internet.

Positioning your business on the internet has the potential of growing your business and for the Network Marketer, it is the perfect place to position yourself as an expert in your field. Many people considering becoming a Network Marketer are looking for answers and those who have a Network Marketing business are looking for ways to improve their business. It’s important to be able to put yourself in their path and be the one to give them what they are looking for.

The above are all reasons why you should take advantage of the internet as a tool for your business. Now all you need is to learn how to position your Network Marketing business online. It is important to get the right kind of tips and help in where to focus your efforts in developing an online presence. Attaching yourself to others in the Network Marketing field who have done what you are interested in doing will save you a lot of time and money in taking your marketing to a new level. The greatest piece of advice in starting an online business presence is to learn from others and to seek continuous business education.