Consumers Deserve an Honest and Real Choice

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7 Best Marketing Ideas For Small Business

1. Marketing Ideas For Small Business – Who, What Why, How, Where And When
Rudyard Kipling’s six honest serving men are great guides through the marketing minefield. Who are you going to sell to? What is your ideal client like? What do they need? Why do they need it? When? How will you provide it and where? Narrow each of these answers down and focus on where your ideal customers hang out. Now you have a clear idea where you should put your marketing messages and how to communicate it most effectively.

2. Marketing Ideas For Small Business – Good Is No Longer Good Enough
You going to need to be outstanding in some way to get noticed in today’s crowded marketplace. The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith define this as ‘contrast’. One way of being outstanding is instead of thinking about marketing as a separate activity, provide the best customer service as a marketing strategy. This means making yourself stand out by going the extra mile for your customers. This sounds daunting, but it can be done by breaking down your customer buying experience into stages, and working out the best way to communicate with the customer at each stage. Write down the process to ensure your approach stays consistent as your business grows.

3. Marketing Ideas For Small Business – The Question Is ‘How Much Do You Want To Grow?’
You need to be focused and you need a marketing plan. First list your existing customers and work out for each the amount of current sales for the coming year. A month by month approach works well. Now comes the fun part. How much do you plan to earn from new customers? Your new customers should fit your ideal customer profile. How many of these new customers do you need each month to reach this goal? How much will they spend? You have already worked out where they hang out. Now you are focused on how you are going to achieve your marketing plan.

4. Marketing Ideas For Small Business- Leave Your Ego At The Door
Your best marketing strategy is to put your customers first. It’s all about them. Make sure that you focus on them in all your communications. What are your needs? How can I help you? They are really not interested in you, only what you can do for them. In his book ‘7 Secrets Of Highly Effective Marketing’, Richard Lomax talks about ‘direct response marketing’, which means that before you invest any time or money in a specific activity, you must ask yourself: “How are we going to accurately measure the response?” Simple measuring mechanisms include a unique phone number to ring, a promotional code or a web page for people to visit.

5. Marketing Ideas For Small Business – How To Get Your Prospects To Come To You
Part of your best marketing strategy involves branding yourself as an expert in your niche market. You are an expert, your customers need to believe that too. Then they will start coming to you. In his book ‘Growing Your Service Firm’, Robert Craven writes that an expert has 7 characteristics and how to develop them. This involves focusing on your unique USP which will make you stand out and then writing, speaking, knowing the right people, possessing a good website and database, having an expertise or an ‘ology’ and making the best use of testimonials and endorsements.

Following this through to your online presence also requires effort. This is good news for small business as once you have established your website, many of the methods are free.

6. Marketing Ideas For Small Business – Being Simply Irresistible
You need to make it so absolutely irresistible for a targeted new customer or client to buy from you for their very first time, that they will find it impossible not to. Does that sound expensive? Not when you consider the lifetime value of that loyal customer. How are you going to keep them?

7. Marketing Ideas For Small Business – ‘Best Friend Forever’ Policy
Just like a close personal friendship or partnership, you must respect and nurture your relationship with your customers if you hope to harvest the best results from it. Be their trusted adviser. Communicate good news, and keep in touch just like you would with a best friend. This will make it impossible for your customers to want to look elsewhere for the services or products you offer.

What have worked out to be your best marketing ideas for small business? How would you rate yourself on marketing your small business? Do your find lack of time and lack of money get in the way? We would love to hear your views. Please get in touch or leave a comment.

The Best Market to Sell Your Product/Service

How do you determine the best market to sell your product or service? Well you must first look at who is in that market or service you are selling to. What types of customers like your product the most?

What is their background, culture, and personality? Personality?, Wait, what do you mean by that? Well for example perhaps they are snowboards? Why do people ski, instead of snowboard? Is it because it is cooler? Is it because it is something new? Is it because that they like to teach each other tricks? Is it because they like to glide? What motivates their personal behavior to buy a snowboard from your company?

Once you determine their personality and type of culture along with some other characteristics you might be able to target your market to local cultures or groups in your area, state, country.

Another important question you should ask is: Why do they prefer your product as opposed to others in this area? Is it a benefit of your product? Is it the availability of your product? Is there a high need compared to other areas and why?

Always asking why is beneficial to business owners today? It is also important for companies in innovation. However, you do not want to spend all your time asking why? Sales, number and actually delivery of the results is key. There are tricks and secrets to finding out sooner, but this would take years of experience and is mainly why companies have research teams, C.E.O’s and VP’s that offer direction and guidance.

Over time you will begin to understand what guides your company, and it will not come right away. Remember to get feedback from your customers and hire a marketing expert that might be able to find information out for you before you spend lots of your valuable money learning what you should have done years later before it its too late.

How to Choose the Best Marketing Help

1) The Work. Many marketing experts are personable, persuasive people who don’t necessarily have the work, experience, or talent to back it up. Therefore, it’s critical to spend few minutes on their website to view the work. If it’s not impressive move on, no matter how nice they are.

2) Credentials and Experience. Since professional history is always important, a bio should be on the website and it should be impressive. Though someone with direct experience in your niche is nice, it’s less important than overall experience and professional pedigree.

3) Results. Ultimately, it comes down to this. Do they have impressive, believable testimonials? Do they include case studies? A few, or a bunch? Do they talk about results?

4) How well do they market themselves? Seems like a no-brainer for a marketing firm, but you’d be surprised. The excuses: “A blog? Oh, we’re way too busy for that.” Or “Yeah, well, I know our website sucks, but I guess we’re like the shoemaker with no shoes,”… and no clue. Because there’s no excuse for any marketing firm not to be an example of good marketing.

5) G-Cred. (Google Credibility) is what shows up when you “Google” something, or someone. It’s an easy, and important, litmus test of any marketing service or person. Why now try it, right now?

6) Do they know Social Media? And, more importantly, are they on top of it? Do they have a great blog, podcast, Facebook brand page, video page on YouTube, Twitter account, etc?

7) Awards. Have they won many? Any?

8) Press. Press-worthy work is a fabulous, free, added benefit for you, the client. So, have they done any? And, if so, are we talkin’ the local small-town paper or The New York Times?

9) Are they a respected thought leader? Have they been published? Do they give talks? Have they been interviewed? Are they profiled on Wikipedia?

10) Do they make it easy to work together? Spending money for marketing help can be a scary proposition for a small business owner, especially for the first time. So, have they developed a way that makes it less scary to get started and test the waters?

11) Passion. This is one of the most important, yet most overlooked, items on the list. If you’re passionate about your business don’t you want to work with someone equally passionate about theirs? It makes a difference. (See: 

Bottom line: If you want the best marketing results, get the best help. This will help you do that.

One of the Best Marketing Tools – Your Cleaning Business Portfolio

Did you know that one of the best marketing tools for you house cleaning business, which you can actually control, is your business portfolio? Yes, that is true. With a good portfolio you can actually open lots of cleaning business opportunities for your company.

In the cleaning business, marketing is not a very difficult task – you just need to have the right strategies. And one of these strategies is building a good portfolio. When you sell services rather than products, people would like to know how skilled qualified you are in order to deliver great results for the said services you are offering. So the better your portfolio, the better your cleaning business’ marketing becomes.

How You Can Control Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is simply a collection of your skills and qualifications as a cleaner. So whatever is in the portfolio are things that you can control. For your skills and qualifications, you can always enroll in a cleaning course, attend workshops and seminars on cleaning, and include the certificates you get from these in your portfolio.

Basically, your portfolio is a tangible, visible version of your skills and qualifications. If you do have skills and you feel that you are qualified but you have no “physical evidence” for that, you can enroll in a course or two to be able to have a certificate. Or if you have been featured in a newspaper or magazine article, cut out the clipping and include it in your portfolio too. Anything that may increase your credibility as a cleaner should be included in your portfolio.

Essential Content of Your Portfolio

Noting that skills and qualifications are the focus of a portfolio, it does contain everything. However, what are the things that every house cleaning business portfolio should have? For one, certificates (from courses, workshops, or seminars) are important. Second, what you need is visual evidence of your jobs. That is when photographs of the houses you have cleaned are an essential content of your portfolio. People need to see your work, and that is the only way they can do so. Here’s a tip: if you haven’t had a single job yet, clean your own home and take pictures of it. That will do until you find better pictures as you progress in your business.

You can also open more cleaning business opportunities by including testimonials or recommendation letters in your portfolio. Some of your satisfied clients will gladly agree to write a testimonial of your service and you can include those in your portfolio. Just remember that your portfolio is one of the best ways to sell your services.